FID (First Input Delay)

FID (First Input Delay) is a metric that measures how quickly a webpage responds to user input – one of the key metrics in Core Web Vitals. Specifically, it measures the time between when a user first interacts with a webpage (such as clicking a button or entering text) and when the webpage responds to that interaction.

FID is important because it directly affects user experience. If a webpage has a high FID, it can feel slow and unresponsive, which can frustrate users and cause them to leave the site. On the other hand, if a webpage has a low FID, it will feel fast and responsive, which can improve user satisfaction and encourage them to stay on the site.

As a legal marketer, it’s important to pay attention to FID because it can affect the success of your SEO efforts. Google has stated that FID is one of the key metrics they use to measure page experience, which is a factor in their search ranking algorithm. So, if your website has a high FID, it could potentially impact your search rankings and make it harder for potential clients to find your firm online.

To improve FID, there are several strategies you can use, such as optimizing your website’s code and reducing the number of third-party scripts and plugins. By improving FID and providing a better user experience, you can help your website rank higher in search results and attract more clients to your law firm.