How Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Get 5-Star Reviews

Having a strong online presence helps criminal defense firms reach a wider audience and get more clients. One of the best ways to establish a strong presence is by having five-star reviews. 38% of consumers require at least a 4-star average rating to even consider engaging with a business. But positive ratings alone are not … Read more

How To Improve Criminal Defense Law Firm Intake

Many criminal defense law firms are all too familiar with this problem: they’ve revamped their marketing and they’re starting to get more leads…yet they’re not acquiring more cases. The usual culprit is a mismanaged intake system. If someone has an urgent need for legal help and can’t get in touch with someone from your firm … Read more

How To Hire a Marketing Manager For Your Criminal Defense Law Firm

Virtually every law firm recognizes the importance of marketing their services to boost their profile and get more clients. Despite this, less than half (46%) of law firms across all sizes have a marketing budget, and 26% of law firms do not track their leads at all. This may be because some firm owners think … Read more

Mass Tort Marketing: Guide To Find More Calls & Cases

In 2020, the equivalent of 2.1% of the United States’ gross domestic product amounted to the settlements awarded in the mass tort legal industry.  With the mass torts’ market size estimated to aggregate $443 billion, and the average mass tort settlement clocking multiple six-figure payouts per plaintiff, it’s no wonder why this industry is so … Read more